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Confronting the stigma surrounding Mental Illness by increasing Mental Health Awareness & reducing UK Suicides.


Walking Out Of Darkness 2017

Saturday 6th May 2017 - Birmingham

Saturday 13th May 2017 - London

Join people from across the UK to increase Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention and end the Stigma.




We have provided you with a link to selection of other peoples on video's currently available on YouTube on the topics we concerned with on this site. We hope you find them informative and helpful.

The Truth about Depression - BBC Documentary 2013links to external site (58:59)

Stephen Nolan lifts the curtain on the stigma surrounding depression and gains a better understanding of this illness. He meets people whose life is a constant battle against it and examines the science behind this potentially life-threatening condition.

Black Dog Depressionlinks to external site (4:18)

At its worst, depression can be a frightening, debilitating condition. Millions of people around the world live with depression. Many of these individuals and their families are afraid to talk about their struggles, and don't know where to turn for help. However, depression is largely preventable and treatable. Recognizing depression and seeking help is the first and most critical towards recovery. In collaboration with WHO to mark World Mental Health Day, writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone tells the story of overcoming the "black dog of depression".

Stephen Fry – Bipolar Part 1links to external site (53:08)

Manic Depression is a disease that's little talked about and little understood. This programme, presented by Stephen Fry, sets out to explore the highs and the lows and the causes and treatments of a condition that may affect as many as six percent of the population.

Stephen Fry – Bipolar Part 2links to external site (53:19)

Motivated by his own personal battle, the programme follows Stephen Fry on an emotional journey that takes him to the homes of stars such as Carrie Fisher, Richard Dreyfuss and Rick Stein, into the lives of ordinary people who juggle this illness with their working lives and into the surgeries of psychiatrists and the lab of researchers who are trying to help control the condition.

TED Talk - Ruby Wax: What's so funny about mental illness?links to external site (8:44)

Diseases of the body garner sympathy, says comedian Ruby Wax -- except those of the brain. Why is that? With dazzling energy and humour, Wax, diagnosed a decade ago with clinical depression, urges us to put an end to the stigma of mental illness.

Diaries of a Broken Mind links to external site (1:27:55)

Bold, intimate and thought-provoking, this documentary explores what life is really like living with a mental health disorder. Using handheld cameras to film themselves over six months, 25 young people take us with them on a journey as they navigate the rocky road of growing up with mental health issues. Told from their own unique perspective, they show us the everyday challenges of relationships, education, work and uncomprehending parents, along with the stigma they face along the way.

TED Talk - Alicia Raimundo - Mental Health Superherolinks to external site (12:01)

Alicia Raimundo has been a mental health advocate since she was 13, after she experienced serious bouts of suicidal ideation as the result of her depression and anxiety. She knows she came perilously close to being part of Canada's grim suicide statistics. Ten years later, she spends her days finishing her undergrad degree in psychology, while volunteering at half a dozen mental health-related causes.

Failed by the NHSlinks to external site (57:07)

How the NHS is failing young people with Mental Health issues and how interventions such as mindfulness can assist in recovery.

Rachel Bruno - My Dad & Me - BBC Documentarylinks to external site (56:53)

26-year-old Rachel Bruno lives at home with her brother and sister and works as a waitress in a pizza restaurant. But Rachel is also the daughter of Frank Bruno, ex-heavyweight world boxing champion and much-loved national treasure. Since being sectioned for the first time ten years ago, Frank is now one of Britain's most famous sufferers of bipolar affective disorder - an illness that's more commonly known as manic depression. In this personal, authored documentary Rachel sets out to discover the truth about her dad's illness.

Football's Suicide Secretlinks to external site (57:08)

Former Chairman of the Professional Footballers' Association Clarke Carlisle investigates depression in the sport and the impact of stress off the field, reflecting on the death in 2011 of Wales's then-manager Gary Speed. The ex-Northampton Town defender talks to the Speed family, young players and other managers in a bid to find out why footballers struggle to ask for help when suffering from depression, and asks whether mental illness remains a taboo in the professional game.

TED Talk - Break the silence for suicide survivorslinks to external site (4:14)

Even when our lives appear fine from the outside, locked within can be a world of quiet suffering, leading some to the decision to end their life. At TEDYou, JD Schramm asks us to break the silence surrounding suicide and suicide attempts, and to create much-needed resources to help people who reclaim their life after escaping death.

TED Talk - Depression & Suicide in Teens & Young Adultslinks to external site (17:55)

Damien Laliberte talks about suicide, depression, and mental illness in young adults and youth. What's wrong, what's right, and what can we do to make things better?

TED Talk - Why we choose suicidelinks to external site (15:26)

Mark Henick is a mental health advocate. Informed by his direct experience with this aspect of the health care system, Mark has authored commentaries on issues relating to mental health for major newspapers across Canada and the U.S. His undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Philosophy, with a graduate degree in Child Development. At 22, he served as the youngest President of a provincial Canadian Mental Health Association division in history. He is the youngest member of the board of directors for the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

TED - Suicide, a tough subject but everyone’s businesslinks to external site (8:42)

Avril Quinn described how we need first aid for suicide prevention in her talk "Suicide, a tough subject but everybody's business". Avril works with a group called Breaking The Silence in a voluntary capacity. Breaking The Silence are a voluntary group which work to help create a Suicide Safer Community by connecting the person at risk of Suicide with life preserving resources.


* 1 in 4 people suffer Mental illness in the UK. Depression is more common than the common cold. You can make a difference, You can help end the Stigma surround Mental Illness and help reduce UK Suicides!!

Walking Out Of Darkness

Sat 6 May 2017 - Birmingham

Sat 13 May 2017- London


'Walking Out Of Darkness’ events will take place in Birmingham and London on Saturday 6 & 13 May 2017, bookending ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. An opportunity for everyone to walk together in support and unity for individuals and families suffering from Mental Health Difficulties and those, who have lost loved ones by suicide.

The Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, who as the Chair of the West Midlands Mental Health Commission said;

"I'm thrilled that 'Walking Out of Darkness' is coming to the West Midlands. Having taken part this year in the London event I know how positive this can be. Most families are touched by mental ill health in some way or other - and ours is no exception. We need to talk openly about the challenges people face. Together, we can confront the stigma of mental ill health and of suicide". 

Register TODAY and together with thousands of people around the country, we can empower and inspire the end of mental illness stigma, raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention at ‘Walking Out Of Darkness’

Together we can make a Difference, we can increase Awareness, we can end the Stigma we can Save Lives!

Walking Out Of Darkness

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