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Walking Out Of Darkness

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Our Partners


Royal College of Psychiatristslinks to external site

sponsor-06-RCPThe Royal College of Psychiatrists is an independent professional membership organisation and registered charity representing over 15,000 psychiatrists in the UK and Internationally. The core purposes of the Royal College of Psychiatrists are to:

  1. Set standards and promote excellence in psychiatry and mental healthcare
  2. Lead, represent and support psychiatrists
  3. Work with patients, carers and other organisations interested in delivering high quality mental health services

Financial Ombudsman Servicelinks to external site

sponsor-03-FOSThe Financial Ombudsman Service was set up by law as an independent public body.

Their job is to help settle individual disputes between consumers and businesses providing financial services - fairly, reasonably, quickly and informally.

JustGivinglinks to external site

JustGiving is the world’s leading platform for charity giving.

sponsor-01-JSSince launching in 2001, they have enabled over 21 million people to raise £1.5 billion for over 13,000 charities and causes in radically new ways.

There job is to make giving and raising money for charity simple, social and rewarding. Through online and mobile they bring the best that technology has to offer to charities worldwide - which explains why more charities recommend JustGiving than any other online fundraising platform.

Royal College of Nursinglinks to external site

sponsor-05-RCNThe RCN represents nurses and nursing, promotes excellence in practice and shapes health policies.To deliver their mission they aim to:

Represent the interests of nurses and nursing and be their voice locally, nationally and internationally.

Influence and lobby governments and others to develop and implement policy that improves the quality of patient care, and builds on the importance of nurses, health care assistants and nursing students to health outcomes.

Support and protect the value of nurses and nursing staff in all their diversity. Their terms and conditions of employment in all employment sectors.The interests of nurses professionally.

Develop and educate nurses professionally and academically, building our resource of professional expertise and leadership. The science and art of nursing and its professional practice.

Build a sustainable, member led, organisation with the capacity to deliver our mission effectively, efficiently and in accordance with our value. The systems, attitudes and resources to offer the best possible support and development to our staff.

Medical Advisory Service links to external site

sponsor-02-MASThe Medical Advisory Service is a charity, set up by nurses, in 1986. They run helplines, operated by specially trained nurses - able to advise on many aspects of health/patient care.

Their nurses are the heart of the charity. They currently have nearly 40 nurses working all over the UK on a variety of helpline projects. All highly qualified and professional - some have worked with MAS for nearly 15 years UNIQUE to MAS - most of their nurses are recruited through the Work Injured Nurses Group of the Royal College of Nursing. Disability or illness preventing their caring for patients in a clinical way in the NHS, they are retrained to work on helpline projects, they then continue to work with patients using their years of experience and knowledge.

Grassroots Suicide Preventionlinks to external site

sponsor-07-GRSPGrassroots Suicide Prevention (formerly Grassroots Training C.I.C), is a small charity based in Brighton, UK. Established in 2006, they provide mental health and suicide prevention training courses and expertise to both large and small organisations in the South East England region.

They also organise courses in Brighton & Hove which individuals can attend. They deliver two of the major LivingWorks training packages (ASIST and safeTALK) as well as several other mental health courses they have developed over time. Their training is well-regarded, up-to-date and regularly evaluated. They deliver it using our in-house team plus our network of professional trainers.

Nightline Associationlinks to external site

sponsor-09-PPNightline is a Student listening service which is open at night and run by students for students. Every night of term, student volunteers answer calls, emails, instant messages, texts and in person to their fellow university students about anything that's troubling them. 

All Nightline services follow five core principles: confidential; anonymous; non-judgemental; non-directional; non-advisory. As the specially trained Nightline volunteers are students, they can directly empathise with their callers' problems.

Connecting with Peoplelinks to external site

sponsor-10-CWPOpen Minds Alliance CIC was formally established in 2010. The organisation emerged from a collaboration between Dr Alys Cole-King, liaison psychiatrist and specialist in suicide prevention and Gavin Peake-Jones a specialist in implementing transformation in organisations.

Their belief is that emotional distress, and tragically, suicide, still affects and takes far too many lives. They felt that responsibility for people with suicidal thoughts was seen to lie with specialist mental health services and others were more nervous to get involved. However they knew that early intervention from a colleague, friend, compassionate health provider or care giver could make a real difference to saving lives.

They have developed their training and resources to be as accessible as possible. They believe everyone has the capacity to help and that this can happen safely. They have developed their training and materials using the very latest research about what works. They are working in partnership with professional bodies, charities and other providers of suicide prevention training. Open Minds Alliance CIC is a community interest company. Any profit is retained in the company to deliver more of this essential work.  

MIND - Hartlepool and East Durhamlinks to external site

sponsor-11-MHHartlepool Mind's approach to mental well-being starts where any work which has people's real interests at its heart always must start - from the givens of human nature; that is, what research, reflection and plain common sense tells us is required by human beings from their physical and emotional environment in order to thrive and flourish.

Their overriding objective is that every user of Hartlepool Mind feels better after each contact with their service. By which they mean they leave feeling a measure of hope and optimism that there can and will be an end to their symptoms.

Fixerslinks to external site

sponsor-12-FFixers works with young people across the UK. Each Fixer is supported to create the resources they need to make their chosen project a success, with creative help from media professionals to make their own promotional material, such as films, websites or print work.

Fixers has already supported more than 11,000 young people across the UK to have an authentic voice in their community.

Young people have campaigned on issues with Fixers as diverse as cyber-bullying, self-harm, suicide and the need for more random acts of kindness.

Fixers aims to work with over 70,000 young people aged 16 to 25 by 2020 to help them to take action and tackle the issues they feel strongly about.

STORM®links to external site

sponsor-13-SSTORM® began as a research project at the University of Manchester in the mid-1990s in response to the need for skills-based self-harm risk assessment and management training. The content of the programme is delivered through a skills based model of training underpinned by Adult Learning Theory.

The STORM® model of training has been tested in a number of research studies conducted at the University of Manchester. They found the model increases skills, improves attitudes to self-harm mitigation, and confidence in assessing risk and safety planning. Staff rated the training highly, finding it useful and relevant, as well as providing invaluable debriefing and networking opportunities.

Counselling Directorylinks to external site 

Having access to the right information to find the right Counsellor is a vital step in helping those in distress. Other directories supply contact details, but Counselling Directory goes further by providing clear details of the support each Counsellor offers.


Counselling Directory lists full profiles of each Counsellor. Details include specialist areas for each Counsellor, the fees they charge and background information as to the kind of person they are. There is a wealth of information about Counselling and Psychotherapy on the website so visitors can find the information they need before choosing a professional. 

* 1 in 4 people suffer Mental illness in the UK. Depression is more common than the common cold. You can make a difference, You can help end the Stigma surround Mental Illness and help reduce UK Suicides!!

Thank you for supporting

Walking Out Of Darkness 2017

We look forward to seeing you next year


'Walking Out Of Darkness’ is an opportunity for everyone to walk together in support and unity for individuals and families suffering from Mental Health Difficulties and those, who have lost loved ones by suicide.

Together with thousands of people around the country over the last 4 years, we have walked to empower and inspire an end of mental illness stigma, raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention at ‘Walking Out Of Darkness’.

We look forward to seeing you, next year along with new participants and in new locations across the country.

Together we can make a Difference, we can increase Awareness, we can end the Stigma we can Save Lives!

Walking Out Of Darkness Announcement

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