counselling Life Advice Suicide Prevention Charity also known as, CLASP Charity.

OUR aim is to raise mental health awareness, suicide prevention & end the stigma surrounding mental illness via providing information & services on our website from parties across the country & at all ‘WALKING OUT OF DARKNESS’ events.

We offer those suffering, their family, friends, work colleagues, carers & the public in general; a proactive website & events whilst seeking to assist the public with details of local charities, counsellors & services to help their needs.

Mental illnesses can be the consequence of many things; financial stress, domestic violence, physical disability, bullying, addiction, shame, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, illegitimacy, victimisation, gender identity, guilt, poor education, ethnicity, faith, illiteracy, religion, cyber bullying, peer pressure, sexual orientation & other daily emotional traumas.

Sadly, too many people have self-harm or completed suicide being unaware or unable to overcome the stigma surrounding their conditions & obtain assistance from charities, Counsellors & services in their local area. Over the last five years over 30,000 people have completed suicide; on average 1 person every 90 minutes. Suicide is Preventable & together with numerous parties across the country, we aim to offer assistance to reduce suicides!

CLASP together with ORGANISATIONS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, SEEK TO CREATE A ZERO SUICIDE COUNTRY.  BY providING a directory of charities, Counselling Services, Self-care advice & much more from numerous parties across the country, PLUS VIA THE 'WALKING OUT OF DARKNESS' EVENTS & INVITE ALL TO JOIN US.

you are not alone