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Confronting the stigma surrounding Mental Illness by increasing Mental Health Awareness & reducing UK Suicides.


Walking Out Of Darkness 2016

Saturday 10th September 2016

Join people from across the UK to increase Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention and end the Stigma.



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Welcome to CLASP Charity!

We are Counselling Life Advice Suicide Prevention Charity also known as, CLASP Charity.

We are the first charity focusing solely on the stigma of Mental & Stress related illness, Emotional Life Traumas & Suicide. We’d like people to interact and give support while obtaining advice from professionals and people who have suffered & overcome similar or the family, friends & carers of those that have suffered.

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* 1 in 4 people suffer Mental illness in the UK. Depression is more common than the common cold. You can make a difference, You can help end the Stigma surround Mental Illness and help reduce UK Suicides!!

Walking Out Of Darkness

Bath to Bristol

Saturday 10th September 2016

World Suicide Prevention Day


'Walking Out Of Darkness' is taking place between Bath and Bristol on World Suicide Prevention Day, Saturday 10th September 2016.

Professor Kevin Elliston - Deputy Director, Public Health England South West has said 'PHE South West wishes the event and its organisers, every success particularly in the important task of increasing mental health awareness and tackling stigma caused by mental ill-health'.

The Southwest region of England has sadly, one of the highest number of mental health incidents and suicides across the country. We invite people across the country to join the local community of Bath and Bristol, the surrounding counties and Southwest region at this event to help increase mental health awareness, suicide prevention and end the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

Register TODAY by clicking the button and we look forward to walking with you and people across the country on World Suicide Prevention Day - Saturday 10th September 2016.

Together we can make a Difference, we can increase Awareness, we can end the Stigma we can Save Lives!

Walking Out Of Darkness

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